Dina Patrick
Community Colleges of Spokane Head Start/Early Head Start/ECEAP

Dina Patrick

I have always been awestruck at the African tribal greeting amongst their mighty Masai warriors to each other; “Casserian Engeri,” meaning, “And how are the children?” I want my daughter to be a part of and live in a community where the wellbeing of ALL children is the priority of everyone – that to me is what Our Kids Our Business is all about… a community rallying their support helping each and every child to find their own level of success, support, love and encouragement so they carry it on to the next generation… it has to start somewhere, why not here?

Erin Williams Hueter
Director of Advocacy & Prevention,
Lutheran Community Services NW


I love being part of the Spo-Can Council because, of course, I want Spokane to be the best place possible for my family. It’s bigger than that though, I want Spokane to be a great place for all families. There are a million little things we can do each day to make things a little better for kids and families. They’re EASY, and they make a huge difference! I want everyone to know about those things and I love the opportunity to acknowledge those folks doing them every day.

Samantha Masters
Family Educator,
Children’s Home Society of Washington

As a mother and family educator at Children’s Home Society of Washington I find it necessary to be part of SPO-CAN Council and Our Kids: Our Business. We all want the best for our children and our community. There’s no better way to be part of that than by coming together with a common goal to improve the lives of ALL children. I believe that together we can help to ensure the safety, security and success of children.



Amy (Knapton) Vega
Executive Director,
Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery


As a mom myself that also works with children, it is important to me that the opportunities my kids have are available to ALL children. All kids should grow up with safety, love and every opportunity to succeed in the future!

Susan Cairy
Volunteer Programs Coordinator,
Spokane County Juvenile Court

Susan Cairy

After 28 years of advocating for abused and delinquent children, it would only make sense for me to be involved in OK:OB. It is the most energizing, collaborative effort among child-serving agencies that I have ever encountered. I firmly believe we are drawing attention to and making Spokane better for our children.

Dena Chappell
Center Manager,
Holmes/Logan Head Start

I have been a child advocate for over 20 years working hard to change the perception that most people have regarding the importance of a child’s early years. Being part of OKOB and SPO-CAN Council is a natural place for me to be and I feel like I’m part of a family. We all share a common goal in improving the lives of children. I have no doubt that with all of our combined passion, strong leadership, continued dedication, and extremely loud voices, that we will be successful at making Spokane a great place for ALL children to grow up healthy and successful.