The Our Kids: Our Business Call to Action is the Public Education arm of the SPO-CAN Council.

Formed in February 1987, the Spokane Prevention Of Child Abuse/Neglect (SPO-CAN) Council is a network of over 35 agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals whose interest is in the prevention — rather than treatment — of child abuse and neglect.  We accomplish our work through 5 committees –  Executive, Legislative, Concrete Services, Social Media, and Public Education (OK:OB).

The Our Kids: Our Business Call to Action began in April 2007 as a month-long initiative focused on the prevention of child abuse and neglect in the Spokane community. It was an unprecedented collaboration between media, business, social services and other community partners to raise awareness during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Since 2007, this initiative has helped to bring a variety of experts and advocates to Spokane every spring, including:

  • 2007 – Bob Watt, Boeing Executive
  • 2008 – Dr. Robert Anda, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • 2009 – Dr. Donna Beegle, Communication Across Barriers & David Lawrence, Early Childhood Initiative Foundation
  • 2010 – Jonah Edelman, Stand for Kids, Gary Livingston, Community Colleges of Spokane & Bill Robinson, Whitworth University
  • 2011 – Robin Rose, Trainer/Consultant & Gina Lebedeva, Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS)
  • 2012 – Dr. Mark Milliron, Civitas Learning
  • 2013 – Robin Karr-Morse, Author “Ghosts From the Nursery” and “Scared Sick”
  • 2014 – Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, Trauma Stewardship Institute
  • 2015 – Dr. Jody McVittie, Sound Discipline
  • 2016 – Jonathan Kozol, Author “Death at an Early Age”, “Rachel and Her Children”, “Savage Inequalities”, “Amazing Grace”, “The Shame of a Nation”, and “Fire in the Ashes”. 
  • 2017 – Casey Jackson, Director of the Institute for Individual and Organizational Change (